Could it be…

That an environment / place of residence, affects outcomes in someone’s later life, more than we realise?

I read awhile back (cannot remember where) a study done in Sweden, observed and found evidence, that the place you live can affect your lifestyle.
Yes, it may sound obvious to anyone with half a swede and class/income will also have a part to play, but bear with me.

The goalposts in recent years have moved.
In the 60s and 70s, “Estates” such as those photographed in Newcastle and Salford by famed street photographers, were “communities” that looked out for each other.
Rarely would they “rob on their own doorstep” and when the chips were down, the household could turn to others on the estate for help and visa versa (same class / income levels).

Now, this is no longer the case (hence why I raise that class/income plays a part) it’s every man for themselves and almost anything goes. Ladder climbing of the highest order or looking for a “way out”?

Has this changed for higher class/income neighbourhoods? Or is this still a factor (why people want to move to these areas)?

I lived in a great area as a sprog, didn’t have everything, but never went without. A solid platform in life and family friends to match. Came home one day to be told we were moving house.
Little did I know, that within three years, I’d be living on a council estate in one of the roughest areas, in another town miles away, with fights/battles/aggro all around me.

What changed?
Decisions taken, of which I had no choice in. Moved house. Less than three years later, moved house (sold up) again, on to a strange town (rented house). From here went to a council house in a rough part of the town.

Very happy in primary and then high school (school trips with what are now called year 11s), pulled out and moved to a strange area, new school, where there were no school trips, less opportunities, etc.

I didn’t see it at the time, only now looking back, has it played a part.
The cycle seams to be repeating itself, whether this is how “society” works, or always has worked?
I don’t know.

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