Mind out!

Certain things happen in real life, that always make me stop and think (they also make me wonder about related things).

But the most “wondering” things, are the little things that I remember well. I smile when I think of them.
Usually these are about a person, place or occasion and almost always after a tragic, upsetting event.

I don’t know why I do this, is it just me that does it?

Had another one happen today.
We’ve shared many a drink and a laugh with a friend, like when he lost his car in the town, however it wasn’t him that I remembered. It was his mum, whom has long since passed.
Way back in the early nineties, about thirty years ago, when we first moved into the towers, everyday I went out, come rain or shine, his mum, Barbara, was always there, in her coat, smoking a ciggy on her doorstep.

She would always say hello and ask about sprog1 or the family, a dry whit, with a quick response. Always in the same coat, a dark green cloth / woven coat. Stood out in all weathers on their front doorstep, having a smoke.
Unusual, as I was a cocky mouthed young ‘un, but she always spoke. I always responded and we had a giggle.
Sadly she passed within a couple of years of us living on the street.
But even now, when I think or hear of her son, I see her standing there.
Her son passed away today and for the first time that I know of, their home will become the home of a different family.

Soon, life will go on, time will pass and it will appear to all as if our friends were never there.
It will forever remain, to me anyways, as being Barbara’s house. I shall once again smile whenever I see their door, seeing her standing there.

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