Where’s the fun?

Sleep – Work – Food shop – Repeat.

Aged 16, “If you live over 50 years, you will have been following the same treadmill for 34 years!”
What a crock of shite!

Work to pay bills and food shop, with nowt much left for fun things. Everywhere charges a fortune.
Where’s all the free, fun stuff gone?

I didn’t spend 12 years at school to be doing the same things for ever.
Regardless of experiences, efforts and know-how picked up along the way, still the same old drivel. Day in, day out.

Where’s the day spent wandering aimlessly through the countryside, just because you can?
Parks – what’s happened to the huge slides? The witches hat? Picking up lollysticks while your ears bleed because you are pushed around on a roundabout at the speed of sound?

Bike rides, not knowing or caring where you’ll end up?
Finding an ideal place in a wood for a camp fire?
Building a go kart?
Where’s your latest den at?
Eating from allotments and crab apple trees?

Making dutch arrows and catapults then playing target practice with tin cans or bottles.

This world today is so sterile, bland… and dull.

All those that are in charge of playgrounds and free areas where all people of all ages, can pass their time, you bore me.
I don’t believe you know what fun actually is!

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