Pearls of wisdom…

Like an early Edwardian (early 1900s) platitude, hanging above the family piano, to cover the hole in the unrepaired wall, the number of absolute pearlers I’ve heard recently, would make anyone question themselves being in a parallel universe!

One of the most well known, but what about this one?
“Keep your brew close but your ashtray closer”

Another mind blower, “Remember, pain goes away!”

Compare thee to a summer’s day the next one is not,

“A brew is your best friend!”

I wonder if there’s a book in this?

I’ll leave you with another valentines quote

They are popping all over the place online nowadays and in people’s homes, if I only I was clever enough to dream them up!

Maybe I’ll have a go at inventing my own hmmm.


“I’m not the sharpest sailor on the ship!”

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