More and more I find myself thinking, “If I had done / wore / said that at school / home / work, etc. I’d have got a beating!”

Take Clark’s footwear. Tougher than cheap shoes, long lasting, but looked awful. I never had them in school, as I would have got the wass ripped out of me for wearing them, so I wouldn’t have done
Docs (8 holers), adidas kick, monkey boots were the order of the day, at a push, doc shoes, but never a pair of clarks.

Same goes for paying today’s prices for things.
A T-shirt £15? My mum would have slapped me silly for forking out that much! What a waste.

A brand renowned for making decent watches, casio wasn’t. Cheap watches, yes! Have you seen the prices of casios now? Wow!

People losing their grip on reality. As the saying goes, a fool and their money…

People are going through life as floaters, devoid of independent thought, reasoning and opposed to speaking out about outrageous pricing.
“It’s not the sales assistant’s fault, they don’t set the prices…”
That maybe the case, but the person serving, represents the company/service charging the extortionate price/fee.
Often, there’s a lot to be said for going without.

One news story that has fascinated me lately, is the La Palma volcano eruption.
Will there be a landslide, as one geologist reported a few years ago?
After claims that the eruption was “calming down” – clearly not true – every night I’ve been tuning in to tubeyou to see the latest live feed from Canaries TV.

One channel I catch now and again is Bushcraft Bear.

He’s a local resident of the island and for the most part, in the early days of the eruption, was reporting earthquakes, news updates and from the surrounding area. Mostly he reports from across the bay from the volcano.

That said, I’ve noticed a steady, needy, tone creeping into his video updates, which does him no favours at all.
I think he’s being advised by someone or some company, badly?
Accounts that are best are those made by a person whom just posts as and when they like.

Creeping into his recent videos has been, “Push to subscribe” and, “If you’d like to see more videos, subscribe.”
Another one is, “Follow my channel…”
When he started reporting on the volcano, it was simply a personal account with news and pictures from the locality.

Keep it real bear, being needy is not a good look and makes me more inclined to just translate the latest twots on twotter, instead of viewing your channel.

Where do the days go lately?

Back up to speed with sports and no lockdowns, each day is flying by, I haven’t got any time to think (not that it’s my strongpoint) I meet myself coming back.
It’s great to catch up with my sporting colleagues, but the children have been really set back by lack of sports and activities, feels like we are playing catch-up all the time.

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