Gotta start somewhere (blog)!

I got sick of the page / new page blog, so I’m deleting that.

Then I’m starting this, but as a category (dead techie me leek)

When: Teatime, Friday. August 20th
Nosh: Beans on toast (with butter and milk)
Mood: Quiet

Been a weird week.
Rained most days since Dan & Spam went home, quieter still with Hoover back out, so I’ve just been plodding.
Too wet to do anything outside, so piddly jobs indoors.
Hoovered and blown out the comp, collected up coke’s fur, coming off in cushions now.

I find it odd, how people drift in and out of your day to day life, some come back, some never do.
As I get older, less people come back!

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