When: Saturday, August 21st. 13.44pm
Mood: Damp
Nosh: Nothing yet.

Rain, rain and more rain. Followed by more rain.

Even Coke’s is chilled out/bored
Mags (fruit & veg) won yet another footy bet. Four on the bounce now, without trying.
Today’s bet: Palace v Brentford.
I wanted Brentford, B took Palace, Mags took Brentford so I got the draw.

Very warm/muggy.
Really must start the “Christmas bottle” – over sized bottle, put in a pound a week (usually more) so it pays for Christmas dinner. If memory serves, we had around £150 last Christmas, which paid for all the meat and food shopping for the week.
Christmas club starts again at the butchers next week. Once again waiting for payday.

Never been interested in money, would like some of course, but used to managing without.
As long as roof is paid for and meat, fruit and veg in, not a problem.
Never understood why some have to accumulate as much as possible?
Maybe that’s why I’ll never have any.

I’m not a good prospect for the better halves of this world.

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