You may say, I’m a dreamer

I’ve always thought of dreams as being the way that the body and mind, gets rid of the casual things in the swede. The recycle bin of the human. Clearing out space in the memory. (I think my swede still runs as an 8 bit in a 64 bit world).

Though it’s rare for me to dream, sometimes I have a vivid theme to a dream, that stands out so much, it sticks in my swede for days.

A recent, one off, I’m travelling unexpectedly, via a scottish airport, to Rome.

Now the scottish airport, which I dream of EasyJet flights going from isn’t the issue. Nor is the fact that I’ve no phone, no camera with me or that I’m wearing two jackets zipped together as one (sounds like my typical day) and following a line of people out on the tarmac to the plane.
The issue standing out is that I’m flying to Rome.

I have never had the slightest inclination to travel there. In fact anywhere in Italy. What’s puzzling me is why Rome?
Why is the city so clearly a fundamental point of the dream?

People in the dream mention it, I mention it, people around me on the way talk about it, the tickets that I constantly check have, “Rome” clearly marked upon them.

I’ve racked my brains to try and remember if I’ve read of Rome, seen or heard about it in a film or spoken to someone who is going or been there, but nope, nothing.
I wouldn’t mind, but I wake up before I get to the plane and never actually travel / arrive there in the dream!


Nosh: Toast (with butter, don’t do marg)
Mood: I should be doing something but I don’t know what
Tune: Sound of the birds from the back garden.

2 thoughts on “You may say, I’m a dreamer

  1. Possibly something to do with the euros. All you heard after england lost the final was “its going rome”.
    Lay off the cheese before bed.

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