My swede is pre-programmed to be late.

I hate being late, I try everything not to be late, but I’m more often than not, late.

No matter what preparations I make in advance, it could be the route I travel, the shortcuts, the gear I prep, it bares no matter. I will end up being late.
I have lived close by a venue, far away from a venue, late. Late. Late. Late.

When I was at school, it was always breakfast radio (yes I’m that old) that seemed to cause it (No breakfast television in those days).

You’ll never know how late you made me Noel!

Then it was that damned Chris Evans on the Big Breakfast.

Now it’s always an email or bookface message that drops late (I use the term “drop” as I’m down with the kids and every media outlet is pushing the “dropped” terminology).
I reply and grab a document to attach, then I’m ten minutes late.

I was planning an early night, the Cokes had me up to let her out at 5am, so I’m a tad tired. In between watching live streams of the eruption on La Palma (wondering about reports that land is splitting, possible landslide and the tsunami effects that are possible if this happens) hope the people there are OK and checking emails, I’ve ended up here. At half ten at night.

I get caught up in what I’m trying to do or interested in or being polite and replying while I’m at the screen.

Before I shoot, what’s with the new fangled, “cool” terminology?

  • Staycation – used to be holidaying in own home, now refers to not leaving the UK?
  • Drop or dropped – as in, “They’ve dropped a new album” meaning released. Comes from “Drop the mic?

I could think of more, but then I’d be here until eleven, making me late yet again.

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