Reinventing all around.

Birmingham bags – done
Knee socks (striped) – done
Platforms – done
Darling buds of may – done
Ghostbusters – done
Charlie and the chocolate factory – done
Saturday night takeaway – all sub parts of the show – done

What’s next?

Tying a scarf around your wrist?
Another Ghostbusters?

It must pain those whom have seen everything, every show, every fashion, every film idea, et al, all been done before.
First it was re-sold to us as “Vintage”
Next it was re-sold to us again and labelled as “Retro”
Now they just flat out copy every idea and sell it to us again.

Is there no one in this world whom can make, produce, record, invent, introduce an original idea, something that’s never been done before?

Paying ever increasing prices for the same old crap, released in “new formats” or with / by the latest ladder climbing name, is getting really tiresome now.

It’s a wheel, it’s been done before, many times over many years and sold to us.
Find, discover, write, sell or make something original.

It used to be that those that are in the know, took an idea, script, theme, product and put a different spin on it, then sold it back to us.
Now they don’t even bother, they just directly copy it, give it a “down with the kids” name or term then peddle the same old dross back out to sell, at an over inflated price.

And on a similar theme…

Stop procrastinating about what we should all do in our day to day lives, to “make the world a better place”

I’ve seen many social media posts about it, but it’s worth repeating;

Telling us how to live our lives in patronising.
Recycle – prior to the corporate dominance of convenience, that you fund with your throw-away lifestyles, we always did recycle!
We bought milk in bottles, we always did shop locally (lack of social mobility saw to that), we used public transport on a weekly basis (before it became a “cosmopolitan city/large town trend) it was affordable back then, we rescued dogs (they were just roaming the streets) and didn’t have to pay £180 for an “adoption fee” only after we had to give references to the latest animal fundraising business masquerading as a charity.

We had appliances repaired, this is nothing new, this was practical. The fact that all is disposable now, many of the corporates don’t do parts and would rather we bought new appliances.

Your “Smart” products – you know the ones that you’ve been telling us for years will “benefit the planet” and cost us hundreds of pounds more to buy – which is only true until the next MSM “crisis” lands, don’t work!
More electrics making our lives “much easier” have more components that can go wrong and almost always do!

We had more wildlife, until your generations started to build everywhere, once the ladder climbers got their hands on bigger wages.

Our food wasn’t wasted, as we all ate the same, home cooked meals!
Non of this fast food bullshit, your generation fund it.
Non of our fruit and veg was shipped thousands of miles by supermarkets, as it’s cheaper to grow in countries that don’t have to follow our own food laws.
This would explain why it goes off within days and is covered in plastics, then ends up in landfill, so the next crisis can be blamed on something else.
You’ve used the supermarkets so much, that the real local shops – greengrocers, ironmongers, corner shops, post offices, newsagents, etc. – have gone out of business, now there’s no competition for them, they’ve banged up all their prices!

The cost of most things in today’s world, isn’t naturally increasing.
It’s increasing due to the fact that there’s no business competition in any sector now!
You’ve made it this way.

Once again, it will fall on deaf ears.
Just like the wheel, it will all go around again and again and again.

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