No accounting for taste

My viewing for the past two evenings has been from one extreme to the other.

First up was a two-part program entitled, “The blitz, London’s longest night”

Following on from this, tonight viewing the last half of part two of the documentary, was the Swapshop Star Awards from 1978!

Sadly I cannot find the tubeyou link to the full show anymore, but some famous names won, in the all under 16 voting.

Ronnie Barker (filming Going Straight in the next studio) whom “Wouldn’t swap the award for an action man, as he already had one!”
Blue Peter won an award over Happy Days.
Barry Sheene beat Kevin Keegan to the sportsman award.
David Soul won top male singer, beating Rod Stewart and Leo Sayer.

To top it all, the singing of Keith Cheggers Chegwin sang a Buddy Holly hit live (what was that all about?)

The show went out on Easter Sunday 1978.

For those whom are not aware, Swapshop was the original Saturday morning TV viewing, which started it all.
I was always Swapshop and never TISWAS, mainly because after Swapshop, was the legendary Grandstand (queue the music), with Football Focus!

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