Speed blog.

One radiator sanded
Rubbish burnt
Compost bag filled (ready to go in the heap but I can’t be bothered)
Lots of slugs / snails on the front path?
Grass is still wet from this morning, despite the sun?
Plum tree cuttings potted (3rd attempt)

Current mood:

Still looking for a second hand book case
Fitted a new bathroom mirror
Why are mirrors so expensive?
How is it 5.30pm already?

What’s a decent make of bass guitar?
Billy Jean by Michael Jackson was released 38 years ago!
Lotus Eater’s “First picture of you” released same year, been looking for tunes from the same time.
Think my Black and Decker cordless drill has burnt out (best drill I’ve ever had)

Is there a way to get condensation out of double glazed windows?
If not, that’s an awful lot of waste that cannot be reused.
I’m hungry.

Happy Sunday.

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