More spin than a washer…

I read a book once (yes a full one) on the subject of living in the 1970s. The book was written in the early 2000s.
Artistic license was apparent, but for much of the book, it wasn’t reflected in my experience of events and the lifestyle.

Did I live a sheltered life back then?

Or was it time to change how I viewed those times?


A quick read through of books produced from that time, revealed a far better reference to life back then.

So the message from this lesson is clear;

If you want to learn about the events of a particular time, then read the material that was published from that time period!

From the time period being read about!

More modern interpretations are fine, but they always have a more modern day spin on it.
That spin, could be the removal of words no longer deemed acceptable, ideas that are no longer the popular view and/or a way of thinking that only exists in an older or past generation.

I also find that it’s a better read, written often by better writers than today’s current crop.

“Another noticed oddity from books”

World War Two books with pictures in them, no matter the fodder, they seem to have new arrangements of the same pictures.
I’ve stopped buying them as most are regurgitating the pictures, using different sizes / orders.

On the whole, it’s more or less the same thing as was previously published with a new spin on it.
Are you interested in learning more about World War Two (for example)?
Then purchase publications from that time period.

Much better insight and much more accurate.

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