Message from the other side?

Things happen for a reason right? Maybe, maybe not.
I’m normally a sceptic about this kind of thing, but sometimes something just doesn’t sit right.

I work in a school, the same school I went to as a sprog. Just after I left, many years ago, a new school was built and the whole lot was transferred over to it. I work in the new school.

Now in my “daytime job” I was asked to get a table, stored in one of the attics. Nothing unusual, I’d been up there a few times, spotted a box of old class registers, but nothing out of the ordinary.
Up I went, light on, usual things stored there, got one of the tables stored there and passed it down to another member of staff.
While closing up, I noticed an open top box in the eaves and insulation, with a black cloth, parcel taped over the top.

I just happened to drag it over and pulled the corner of the cloth back to have a nosy, as you do.

To my surprise, I found many backed photographs and newspaper cuttings from the time I was at the school!
I got the box down and had a look through it on my lunch break.
Inside was a register of all the children that had attended the school since it opened, back in 1926.
Sadly it ended in the year before I started at the school.
Paper cuttings, photographs and a full album of cuttings of spring shows I was involved in as a child!

A fantastic archive of information and memories. To see all my old school mates again, exactly as I remember them.

Our topic this term has been World War II. I browsed through the old school log book, at the time of the war, reading up on whom was an evacuee at the school, where they went when they left, etc.
I came across one child whom was sadly “killed by motor” – further investigation online, revealed the article in an old copy of the local paper and it revealed he is buried over the wall from school, in the local cemetery. He was an only child, an evacuee from London. He’d only been in the area for ten months.

Also in the box, are coloured card backed photographs. Imagine a film reel, that style, of small photographs from all the classes I went to school with. Everyone (including me) frozen in time.
It’s great to see all the faces again, some are still with us, others sadly not.
Not a care in the world the lot of us. Playing out was the only thing we bothered about.

So I left it at that.
A few weeks later, what should pop up on social media, but a full colour photograph of my class from back then, along with teachers.

Being the div that I am, I began to wonder if this is really all a coincidence?
Or was I supposed to find the box?
If I was, am I missing something in all the information?

I’ve been in that attic a few times, it’s well lit, I’ve never noticed the box before.
Our old headteacher wrote a book about the school through the years (I have a copy), much of the information in the box was used to research it.
A couple of years ago while clearing out all the old files from the archive I came across the head teacher’s diary (apparently all head teachers used to have to keep one) with brief details of any events, etc.
Is my old headteacher trying to tell me something?
Why were the two boxes (one of old class registers and the one I found) not kept with all the other old files / registers / log books, found in the archive?
There are pictures of school mates, some lived on our street, I haven’t seen since the day I left primary school. Some I will never see again.

There are so many things we humans don’t know about.

Could it be that someone is trying to send me a message? A sign?
There are far too many coincidences in my view, but questions remain;
What is the message?
Why me?
Why now?
Or is someone just trying to get in touch?


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