Going loco…

Sadly not in Acapulco, much closer to home, so close in fact, I’m at home, but not from the usual location.

I’ve tried from an old ipad before, hard work to navigate around, even for a simple post.

Tune: Love me tender (Tammy’s playing on piano)
Nosh: Fish fingers, egg and chips
Mood: Restless (again)

Forecast rain all day today, didn’t rain once.

Sports up and running again, training sessions and competitions coming thick and fast. Back to being centred on the children again, all as it should be.

Things seem to be a bit more settled at home, long may it last, but I doubt it will.

I’ve just realised I’ve got to go out and pick up shopping, what’s the odds it’ll all be heavy stuff! (Evens I reckon)

Oh dear…

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