Think about it?

Sat at the lights today, I watched a small gang of kids come out of a side-street on their bikes.
They were all laughing and joking as they went on their way, some were big, some small, with not a care in the world.

I used to be like that, you did, your mates did, everybody did.

So then I wondered when I changed from that happy-go-lucky state?

Is it an age thing?
Is there a time of life when you wake up and find loads more hassles, worries and negative stuff?
If so, when?
Mid thirties? Mid forties? Older? Younger?

Could it be just the way I look at things?
Same again, when did I start looking at things in a different way?
With experience in things, wisdom, does this increase the mental stress or burdens on the swede?

Or, is it the times/world we live in that changed, increasing the stress levels?
Do we become more frustrated, stressed or annoyed at the conditions we live in?
Could it be the area we live in?
What about as we are getting older, we can do less?
Does our approach to values/life balance change, thus causing more stressed eddies in the world?

I question myself as much as others these days. Maybe I should stop, perhaps hassles, annoying stress, etc. is down to me?
If I don’t question myself as much maybe the worries of the day will fade away into nothing?

The lights changed and I almost stalled it, called myself a pillock and drove on.

If you know, then let me know will you please?

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