Under rated

So many things, I’ve found, are under rated.

Baths (over showers)
Walking somewhere (a short walk instead of by car) – more so when off the beaten track
Quiet (even when the nearby motorway can be heard at night)
Weather (all types have value, benefits)
Wildlife, especially when it appears in urban settings
Home cooked food, I’m talking real pastry, etc.
Focusing on one simple job at a time (when left / allowed to…)
Getting bills paid up, at the beginning of the month
A random smile
That one person at a business or official body, that understands where you’re coming from
Animals, when they seem to just know
Having a day out and knowing you’re not in work the day after
A long drive (with tunes)
Clean bedsheets

When: Late on a Thursday
Mood: Unsettled
Nosh: Tater hash (made with steak)
Tune: Hide and seek (Howard Jones)

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