Fingers of green

All alone.

In true “The good life” style, I traded my second batch of rhubarb yesterday, all 25.5 pounds of it, for a 20kg sack of king edward spuds, with the fruit & veg wholesaler. (All grown with comfrey leaves and grass cuttings put at the base of the plants Mum!)

The first batch is diced and bagged up in the deep freeze, ready for pies and, when I can suss it out, crumbles, to be made in the winter months.

I took this posts picture, completely by accident today.
I was practicing the camera focus with my helios lens, near and distance (notice the tree in the foreground), then I saved the pics to computer at home obs, deleted the raw files, then went through the jpegs, when I came across the pic I’ve used here.
The lady whom I’ve never seen before or since I took the picture, was sat all alone, looking out across the park.
This is something I do also.
I don’t look at anything really, just take it all in and breathe in the air. Nothing special.
I hope the lady is OK and was just getting out of the house, enjoying a last bit of sunshine before the temperatures drop and the wet weather comes?

I’ve also been out in the front “No dig” garden this afternoon.
Pulling up weeds around the cucumber and corn on the cob plants, of which a neighbour’s cat has dug up over 30 plants this summer.
I had thought they’d all suffered at the hands of slugs and weeds had taken their water and light, but no! On removing the tall weeds and grasses, three cucumber plants have survived, to the point they are flowering!
Five corn on the cob plants have also fought off the ravages that cats, weeds and lack of light have chucked their way.
I doubt they’ll give any fruit, as it’s too late in the season, but hurrah for trying!

To add to the freebies this week, I’ve cut down one of the buddleia trees and from it, some of the wooden straight stems have been stripped down to long sticks/canes, dumped in the greenhouse, for free sticks.
If I pushed them into pots to support the tomatoes, they’d take root and that’s not the plan.

The remainder of the tree has been chopped up and gone on the compost, along with nettles, weeds and grass.
Next year we may get some genuine compost, instead of the absolute toss that claims to be “compost” at £10 a bag from garden centres.

Busy day at school for me tomorrow, now everything is up and running as we almost remember it, the sports are finally back on again!
I’m looking forward to putting the squads through their paces at last.

If anyone knows how to get a picture’s quote, in the centre, under the picture, please speak up. There’s a good chap.

I’m still not sure what is missing from life, but something is. I just haven’t found out what, as yet.

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