If only they’d told me!

Does a dog understand another dog barking in the distance?
Does the dog understand different breeds? Are they like human dialects?

Sometimes Cokes will prick up her ears and bomb around at the sound of another dog’s bark. Other times, she will simple ignore it and continue to lye around without a care in the world or on be on the ear for the dregs of my pot.

Moving on…

What nobody tells you:

As you get older, your joints / bones hurt and ache a hell of a lot more.
Heard several times over the years how people used to go out on the beer, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All this while turning up for work on time and grafting like a good ‘un.
When you get older, each time you go out, doing the same dancing / drinking as before, it takes a lot longer to get over.

Last time I went out like I used to, it took me three days to feel right again and I still felt ropey.

This same premise can apply to your physical health.
Footballers nearing the end of their careers often claim that in their mind, they can reach that pass, tackle that player, etc.
The mind can do it, but the body cannot.
The legs won’t travel as fast, the thinking doesn’t match the strength and physique of the individual.

Time seems to pass quicker, the older you get.
Often confused with, you’ll have less time to do things when you get older.
Both true in my experience.

It is more about whom you know, not what you know.
Most definitely in my experience.
I was offered an interview for a job once, completely out of the blue. I was told I had ideal qualities at the time. As I was unemployed at the time, I thought I would just go for it and see what happens, if anything.
At the second interview there were just two candidates left, a young lady and myself.
Wow! I thought, usually getting to second interview means the jobs almost yours.
Not so this time. They gave the job to the young lady.

The difference between the two candidates?
One had a degree and one didn’t (ie. me)
But the most telling, as we could both do the role with our eyes shut, was that one of the managers that was to making the final decision, was, as I later found out, friends with the young lady.

The lady only stayed in the post for a couple of months and used the job as a stepping stone, to another career in the civil service. I would have been in the job a lot longer and had the greater need for the work. But hey-ho, their loss.

Other observations:

Your values will change as you age.
You will read a lot more as you get older.
You will also forget a lot more things.
You will walk out of a room, despite repeating things in your mind, you will forget why.
Your tastes in music will change, so much so, that modern music / pop, etc. Will sound like, “Noise”
You will lose your balance more as you age.
You won’t keep as much of your income, until you are older.

Your respect for things that people do, that you cannot, will increase dramatically
You will question things more
You will have a bigger cash pot to spend when you are older, but you won’t be in any fit state to use it as you would have when you were younger.
You will start to approach things differently
When marketing pushes you towards something, you will instinctively question the motives of being pushed and almost always apply, “Follow the money” as a reason for being pushed.

Feel free to add your own in the comments.
Right now, I’m being pushed towards my pit as it’s 25 degrees and I’m shattered after a long day.

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