Nosh: Rice Krispies

Mood: Fed up

Nice, quiet mornings are broken around quarter past nine, with Cokes running in looking all shifty, normally a sign that something is happening out the back.
Then it starts, the war of the radios.

80s hits from the workmen across the back, drilling and hammering above it, then the radios start from the neighbours. It’s impossible to tell which tune is which, like listening to a jive bunny track on speed (I’d imagine?)

Next, the mowers and strimmers start up, three days of them now, they go on for a couple of hours, god knows what’s left to mow and strim? Their gardens must be completely bald.

At the moment, there’s a 40 odd year old hammering away at nothing it seems, yodeling at the top of his gob, to “I know him so well” with the neighbours singing a backing track – I prefer this version…

“Wasn’t it goooood”

Nevermind, we’ll have the parking battles to look forward to later.
The joys of having to park on the next block because someone has friends/family round and some halfwit has parked in the middle of two spaces so no one else can get their car in.

Home life is so much fun at the mo. Roll on work.

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