There’s a lot to be said for a bit off peace and quiet.

No need to listen, think, do, etc.
Just a wonderful break from the world around us.
It could be an hour, ten minutes or half a day, it matters not.

The world is full of noise.
Traffic in the distance, phones going, wittering adverts on radio or tv, randoms posting crap through the letterbox, knocking on the door, shouting a balling in the street, strimmers/lawnmowers, etc.

Where can you go to get away from it all for a few minutes?
A bit of respite from the hassles of the day, week or month?

Sometimes, people not knowing where you are, what you’re doing, where you’re going can be good.

Life today places so many demands on people’s time and energy.
Time to switch off and forget, 99% of it all, is just bumph.

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