Changing tides?

As Christmas days go, this year’s celebrations were muted, but fun. A mix of the unknown with a long awaited, welcoming back.
All in all, a very good day.

I always reflect, this year more than ever, with so much going on for others, that puts things into perspective on what really matters.

Every year for as long as I can remember, I’ve woken at the crack of dawn, full of excitement about the day. Each Christmas morning I look out on to the street and dismay at the fewer lights on early doors, as children on the street get older and older.
This year, woke up much later to hear next door’s little ‘un screaming with delight.
As though the tables have turned.

Now our window is one of those that remains quiet with no sign of life at the rise of the sun on Christmas day, it is for others that the enthusiasm and excitement reigns.
In this respect, something has changed.

On the plus side though, for the first time in too many years, we had sprog1 with us for the day.

To not have to worry and enjoy the day as the normal family we once were, was a much needed change. It’s simply one day, one occasion, but small steps forward are welcomed here.

A peaceful Christmas to you all, where ever and what ever you are experiencing.

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