“Take your new toys upstairs” day.

I’m not gunna lie (yes I’ve been watching Gav an Stacey reruns) but today is the day, when Christmas is officially over.

The day Mum always told us, “Take your new toys upstairs,” then we put away the Christmas decs until years end.

The pile of toys, that once a year, are stored/kept in a certain area of the front room, designated to each child, for the Christmas week until which they would be shifted up to the bedroom, where there would already be space (spaces were “sorted out” over a month a go), to accommodate them.

The tree and decs were put back in the 1982 nappy box and the Christmas bags that once were used on Christmas Eve, are now resigned to making an appearance once a year from the darkest corners of the attic, storing the tinsel and remaining crackers.
Each year the baubel box gains a couple of new ones, this years’ new member of the team is a Christmas tree gonk (where have they all come from this year?) a very thoughtful gift from one of the children in my class, which will come out every year from now on and make me smile everytime it gets put back on the tree.

It’s not gone quickly this year, as I’ve been quite ill, still not 100% but much better than I was.
Been good to see family though this year, the cupboards are still full (no taste) but all the mince pies I made have gone (48 of them) so I guess they turned out ok.

We took the Cokes out around the wet park today, was deserted. Not a new bike, scooter or roller blader in sight.
Tatey ash warm up for tea, very nice too (made with minted lamb served yesterday), it’s been a reflective sort of day.
I’m sat here in a quiet house, not a sound apart from the wind blowing around outside, very peaceful. Every one’s gone to kip, which is where I’ll be going soon.

All around looks very empty (as does every one’s house on this day) empty tables, walls and ceiling.
No flashing lights, no miniature victorian Christmas village scene, or fully opened advent calendar.
Even the adverts have toned down on TV.

I wonder what the year will bring?

I think I’ll do more, spur-of-the-moment things this year.
Days out, see more of the dales, do a bit more driving about and scouting as I used to.
I’ve also got the new shower to somehow save for and install, as well as the surround and base to fit for it.

I’m also going to try more cooking, already got a fanciful plan to make some small pies and freeze them so there’s a bit more variety for meals and it’ll make them a bit easier.
I’ll try to make my own fresh pasta and more cakes!

I wonder if I’ll be sat here in 12 months time? Writing similar things?
I just hope I’m healthy, that’s the main thing.

Good health to you and yours for the coming year.

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