Give Christmas back to kids!

At the age of 12, there were so many options for buying me presents.
At the age of 12, there were so many options for buying sprog1 presents.
At the age of 12, there are almost no options (for sprog2) other than buying gift cards for online game credits.

Have big corporates finally ripped off people so much so, they’ve reached the point of financial no return?

  1. The price of the hardware has got to ridiculous levels never seen before (£1800 for a “gaming PC”) because it’s got a compatible chip that works with the latest “update” which won’t allow older (perfectly usable) hardware to run on it?
  2. The price of software has got to levels never seen before (£35 to £40 for a game?) because it’s tied in with a corporate film franchise.
  3. Online software that leaves the individual with nothing to own – sell on – market
  4. Toys and games prices going through the roof due to shrinking markets and film franchises (labeling the same old tat with film characters)

So what will Father Christmas fill the pillow cases of today with?

What will this years sprogs have to open on Christmas morning?

What will they get excited about getting?

Put yourself in their shoes…

All excited on Christmas Eve, early to bed, but struggling to sleep until 2 or 3am.
Wake up around 7 or 8am, then rush downstairs to find what the big man has filled your pillow case with…
Three online game credit gift cards, some socks and underwear and a selection box.


I can understand presents being hard to find for a 15 or 16 year old, or a young adult, but options are this limited for a 12 year old, when the magic should still be around for another 4 or 5 years?

It comes to something when there are more options for presents for a fully grown adult, than there are for a child.
A child whom has imagination and no limits on excitement in their swede.

Christmas isn’t dying, it’s been swamped by greedy corporations that can only push new hardware to replace their over priced older hardware that they forcibly discontinue via dodgy updates.

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