Stuck in the middle…

Have you ever been sick to the back teeth with other people arguing all the time?

Hostility, agro, attitude, rows, smashing things, swearing, at all times of day or night.
A never ending wave of having to listen to other’s dirty laundry, paraded in public for every man and his dog to hear/ witness.

The message is simple:
I don’t give a shit whom did what to whom and when.
I don’t care one jot if you’ve been wronged, or so-and-so said this or that, so it must be true?

I do not care!

So stop parading your shit in public.
When it wakes me up or keeps me awake in the wee small hours, it’s a pain in the arse to have to wake up and go to work all day.
Crazy idea, try being nice or if you have nothing to say, then hows about you say nowt!

Could it be down to the area I live in?

While we are on the subject, when did adults (you know, those so called human beings aged over 18) start getting so needy, in ever greater numbers?

It’s in the papers, TV, on social media, bleeding everywhere!
Is it a generational thing?
When did people stop being able to handle their drink? (Where are all the happy drunks?)
Does it sell papers or promote more use of social media?
For me, it makes me want to move to desert island and chuck stones at your boat if you try to come ashore on my proverbial island.

I have nowt, I know nowt, I just want a peaceful life, plodding on with a smile on my mush.

All I ask is that those whom have gotten the hump, put said hump in a box, keeping it under their bed, preferably in a bottomless box, so that we never hear of such inane ramblings of bad language again.

There’s much truth in the saying, “There are many worse off than yourself!”

As long as you have food on the table and a roof over your swede, nothing else really matters, does it!

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